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Profile: Dr. Fred Lado is Director of the Neurology Inpatient Service at Montefiore and an Attending Physician in the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Montefiore.

His practice is focused on treating patients who have responded poorly to medication. He is interested in using advance neuroimaging and EEG analysis to better localize brain regions causing seizures. Oftentimes epilepsy surgery targeting such seizure-producing regions is an effective treatment when medications have failed. Dr. Lado treats adult patients of all ages, with attention to the psychological and social issues that affect individuals with seizures.

Dr. Lado's research focuses on neuroimaging and EEG analysis to better understand brain function, and to better determine the changes epilepsy causes in the brain.

He is also active nationally in the American Epilepsy Society and the International League Against Epilepsy, serving on committees in each. In the American Epilepsy Society, Dr. Lado chairs the Education Development Committee that is responsible for physician education in epilepsy. Dr. Lado maintains an active adult epilepsy practice at the Moses and Wakefield Campuses.

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