Spirit Award: Tayla Renee

Tayla ReneeTayla Renee was born May 25, 2012; at 7lbs 11ozs and she instantly became the biggest piece of my heart. I remember thinking to myself, after the nurse handed her to me, that there is no way this beautiful little baby came from me. With straight long black hair, the most amazingly shaped eyes and beautiful long eyelashes, she instantly became a favorite in the nursery. The joy of having a healthy baby came to an abrupt end in the nursery after finding out that Tayla was suffering from seizures. For the next 18 months, we spent many days and nights in and out of Long Island Jewish Children’s Hospital, until we lost her.

The time that Tayla was here with us, in spite of the seizures, was one of the best times of my life. Caring for her was my top priority and required my full attention and all sacrifices that I made were done with love and devotion for my little angel. Although she was incapable of speech, movement and therefore unable to express her feelings, I learned to interpret her needs. I pray and believe that my actions brought her comfort and happiness in spite of her situation.

With all my heart and everything I am, I will always love and remember Tayla for being the best part of my life and giving me those wonderful 18 months with her. She allowed me to experience a love like no other and I miss her tremendously. No matter where I go or what I do I will never forget Tayla Renee, Mommy’s Little Ladybug.