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Q&A with Dr. Akila Venkataraman

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The team at EFMNY would like to thank you for your questions! After each post, we’ll post answers from our experts to the most frequently asked questions we receive.  Please note that these Q&A post, like our provider articles, should not be taken as medical advice.  Each patient is unique.  For medical advice regarding your specific condition, please consult your doctor.


Q&A with Dr. Akila Venkataraman:


1. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 9 and I’ve continued to have seizures for more than a decade in spite of seeing a number of doctors and taking several medications. My parents and siblings are all healthy. Why are some people predisposed to have seizures while others are not? I’ve never even had a head injury.

While many people who have seizures may have a family history of epilepsy, having seizures depends mostly on the nature of an individual’s brain cells. Some people have been found to have genes that make them more susceptible to having seizures than others, even if they are otherwise healthy.

2. You mentioned the social implications of being unable to drive due to seizures. I’ve been seizure free for 8 months, so my doctor cleared me to drive again. I was thrilled, but now every time I get behind the wheel, I’m paralyzed. I’m so afraid that this could be the day it comes back. How can I be sure I won’t have another seizure while driving? (more…)

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