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About: Akila Venkataraman, M.D.

Website: http://www.lutheranmedicalcenter.com/News/detail/?id=58

Profile: Akila Venkataraman, M.D., a board certified pediatric neurologist/pediatric epilepsy specialist, is the Director of Pediatric Neurology and Pediatric Epilepsy at Lutheran Medical Center.

She earned her medical degree from Kasturba Medical College in Manipal, India. She completed her residency in neurology and child neurology at the State University of New York at Buffalo, where she also served as Chief Resident of the Neurology consortium. She went on to complete a fellowship in epilepsy/pediatric epilepsy at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Her primary interest is in pediatric and adolescent epilepsy, directed towards the clinical and social advancement of this patient population. She has authored several book chapters and articles.

She has been on the Professional Advisory Board of the Epilepsy Foundation of Metropolitan New York and has been associated with the activities of the Epilepsy Foundation for many years.

Posts by Akila Venkataraman, M.D.:

Prognosis in Infantile Spasms – #EpilepsyNYC Infantile Spasms Awareness Week

Summary: – The overall intellectual and neurodevelopmental outcome in children with infantile spasms is generally poor – The long-term prognosis is directly related to the underlying cause of the seizures – Better developmental outcomes are noted in patients without an identified cause (cryptogenic/idiopathic) – Although the spasms tend to resolve by early to mid childhood, […]

Q&A with Dr. Akila Venkataraman

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What is Uncontrolled Epilepsy?: Part II

When epilepsy is uncontrolled, it indicates the continued occurrence of an unacceptable quantity of seizures despite reasonable treatment. The amount of seizures deemed unacceptable is dependant on the nature of the seizures, the patient’s lifestyle and the consequences of such uncontrolled seizures. So, what does uncontrolled epilepsy translate to in real life? What does uncontrolled […]